Representation of Attorney Accused of Securities Fraud

In 2018, Mr. Riopelle represented an attorney accused of participating in a “pump and dump” scheme with other defendants. After a five week trial, Mr. Riopelle obtained an acquittal on all counts for his client.

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Representation of Madoff Employee

Maurice H. Sercarz and Roland G. Riopelle represent one of the five former employees of Bernard L. Madoff.

Maurice H. Sercarz and Roland G. Riopelle represent one of the five former employees of Bernard L. Madoff currently charged with conspiracy to commit securities fraud and other crimes in what law enforcement alleges was the largest Ponzi scheme ever perpetrated on Wall Street.

Representation of Convicted Defendant on Appeal

After his client had been convicted at trial while represented by another lawyer, Mr. Riopelle was retained to prosecute an appeal on behalf of the client.

Mr. Riopelle obtained a reversal of all criminal convictions, and then negotiated a disposition of the matter that reduced the client’s sentence substantially.

The Longest Criminal Trial in the History of the Eastern District of New York

Mr. Sercarz and Mr. Riopelle jointly represented a defendant in the longest single criminal trial in the history of the Eastern District of New York, in a case involving complex allegations of accounting fraud, securities fraud, insider trading and mail fraud.

The trial lasted a total of eight months, and Mr. Sercarz and Mr. Riopelle obtained a split verdict for the client.

Representation of Executives Accused of Insider Trading

In connection with the government’s investigation of insider trading at the Galleon Hedge Fund and related entities, Mr. Riopelle represented several individuals who were investigated for possible insider trading violations.

Most of these clients were never charged with any criminal activity. The only client who was charged and who has been sentenced to date received a sentence of probation. One other client is pending sentence.

National Arts Club Litigation

Mr. Riopelle represented the National Arts Club and its Board in connection with a myriad of notorious civil litigations and regulatory investigations relating to alleged wrongdoing by a small clique of individuals who had dominated and controlled the Club for many years.

Mr. Riopelle assisted the Club in responding to numerous regulatory and law enforcement investigations of its operations, and represented an insurgent Board of Governors in its efforts to oust the president of the Club. Ultimately, Mr. Riopelle persuaded the Attorney General’s Office not to discipline the Club or its governors, while successfully defending and prosecuting a series of complex civil litigations between the Club and its former president.

Acquittal in Squawk-Box Case

In Federal Court in Brooklyn, Roland Riopelle secured the acquittal of a day trader alleged to have committed securities fraud in what became known as the “squawk box” case.

6 Former Workers at a Day Trading Firm Are Acquitted
By Jenny Anderson
Published May 11, 2007
“‘There was no clear prohibitions on conduct here,’ said Roland G. Riopelle who represented Robert F. Malin, the president of A.B. Watley.”

Acquittals for Squawk-Box Seven
By Robert E. Kessler
Published May 11, 2007
“Roland Riopelle, the attorney for defendant Robert Malin, 42, of Manhattan, the former head of the firm, said … ‘[t]he government was courageous in bringing the case, the defendants were courageous [in fighting] the case, and the jury was courageous in acquitting them.’”

By Chad Bray
Published May 11, 2007
“Roland Riopelle, a lawyer for Mr. Malin, said the case was a tough one for the government to bring, saying it was the first trial involving charges under the fraud statutes enacted as a result of the Sarbanes-Oaxley legislation.  ‘The jury did the right thing,’ Mr. Riopelle said.”

Acquittal In Front-Running NYSE Case

Maurice Sercarz and Roland Riopelle secured the acquittal of Richard Volpe, in one of the highly publicized NYSE specialist cases.

Volpe Is Acquitted in NYSE Case
By Chad Bray

Front-running prosecutions lack conviction

By Roddy Boyd
Published October 12, 2006

Acquittal of NYPD Detective in Bribery Case

After a two week long trial, Maurice Sercarz won the acquittal of Brian Bartlett, a decorated detective with the NYPD who had been accused of accepting bribes and unlawful gratuities from a local peddler.

By Laura Italiano
Published June 27, 2006

2 Detectives Acquitted in Bribery Case
By Jennifer 8. Lee
Published June 27, 2006

Representation of AIG Executives

Mr. Riopelle represented several AIG Executives in connection with the criminal investigations and class action litigations alleging wrongdoing in the operations at AIG.

None of the individuals represented by Mr. Riopelle was ultimately convicted or required to pay any damages in connection with the claims made against them.

1982 Brink’s Robbery and Murders

In the early 1980’s, Maurice Sercarz’s defense of Eve Rosahn resulted in the dismissal of all criminal charges against her. Miss Rosahn, an alleged member of the radical Weather Underground, was accused of providing the getaway vehicles used in the notorious armed robbery of a Brink’s armored truck which ended with the slaying of three men, including two Nyack police officers, and a loss of $1.6 million.

Charges Against Defendant in Brink’s Holdup Dropped
By Edward Hudson
Published January 29, 1982

“[The District Attorney] said outside the courtroom that the information helpful to Miss Rosahn’s case provided by her defense lawyer was gained in ‘dozens and dozens of hours of interviews of witnesses’ whom the defense supplied. All of this, he said, ‘convinced me she did not rent the van.

“Judge Miller ordered the indictment dismissed after a brief hearing attended by Miss Rosahn’s Attorney, Maurice Sercarz.”

More Brink’s Charges Dropped
By R. Clinton Taplin
Published January 29, 1982

“’The circumstantial evidence, the eyewitness, and the handwriting show that Ms. Rosahn was not at the car rental that morning,’ said Ms. Rosahn’s attorney, Maurice Sercarz. ‘I think justice was done.’”

Medicaid Fraud

Maurice Sercarz represented a father, who along with his two sons, was accused in the late 1980’s of participating in the “largest Medicaid fraud in history.”

Kidnapping Charges against Mother

After a weeklong trial, Maurice Sercarz won the acquittal of Hyala Eller, a 35-year-old schoolteacher, who was the first woman to be criminally prosecuted for “kidnapping” her own children.

Mother, 35, Acquitted of ‘Kidnapping’ Sons in Custody of Father
By Max. H. Siegel
Published: November 16, 1978

“Maurice H. Sercarz, a Legal Aid Society lawyer who won Mrs. Eller’s acquittal Tuesday night after a weeklong trial, said his client had told him she had run off with her children in frustration over the long delays her efforts to regain custody were encountering in the courts.”

Find Mother Not Guilty in Custody Kidnapping
By Robert Lane
Published: November 16, 1978

“At her trial, the woman’s attorney, Maurice H. Sercarz, said his client had chosen to flee because she felt she had been wrongfully denied custody …”

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