Month: August 2013

Representation of Madoff Employee

Maurice H. Sercarz and Roland G. Riopelle represent one of the five former employees of Bernard L. Madoff.

Maurice H. Sercarz and Roland G. Riopelle represent one of the five former employees of Bernard L. Madoff currently charged with conspiracy to commit securities fraud and other crimes in what law enforcement alleges was the largest Ponzi scheme ever perpetrated on Wall Street.

Representation of Convicted Defendant on Appeal

After his client had been convicted at trial while represented by another lawyer, Mr. Riopelle was retained to prosecute an appeal on behalf of the client.

Mr. Riopelle obtained a reversal of all criminal convictions, and then negotiated a disposition of the matter that reduced the client’s sentence substantially.

The Longest Criminal Trial in the History of the Eastern District of New York

Mr. Sercarz and Mr. Riopelle jointly represented a defendant in the longest single criminal trial in the history of the Eastern District of New York, in a case involving complex allegations of accounting fraud, securities fraud, insider trading and mail fraud.

The trial lasted a total of eight months, and Mr. Sercarz and Mr. Riopelle obtained a split verdict for the client.

Representation of Executives Accused of Insider Trading

In connection with the government’s investigation of insider trading at the Galleon Hedge Fund and related entities, Mr. Riopelle represented several individuals who were investigated for possible insider trading violations.

Most of these clients were never charged with any criminal activity. The only client who was charged and who has been sentenced to date received a sentence of probation. One other client is pending sentence.

National Arts Club Litigation

Mr. Riopelle represented the National Arts Club and its Board in connection with a myriad of notorious civil litigations and regulatory investigations relating to alleged wrongdoing by a small clique of individuals who had dominated and controlled the Club for many years.

Mr. Riopelle assisted the Club in responding to numerous regulatory and law enforcement investigations of its operations, and represented an insurgent Board of Governors in its efforts to oust the president of the Club. Ultimately, Mr. Riopelle persuaded the Attorney General’s Office not to discipline the Club or its governors, while successfully defending and prosecuting a series of complex civil litigations between the Club and its former president.

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