The Martha Stewart Trial

The Martha Stewart Trial

Roland Riopelle was extensively quoted in the New York Times providing legal insight during the prosecution and trial of Martha Stewart.

Stewart’s Celebrity Created Magnet for Scrutiny

By Jonathan D. Glater
Published: March 7, 2004

“Prosecuting someone famous can help to change behavior, though, and appeals to prosecutors seeking favorable media attention, said Roland Riopelle, a former federal prosecutor who practices at Sercarz & Riopelle in New York.

“’The government is in many cases quicker to pull the trigger on a public figure than a private citizen, and I think Martha Stewart was a victim of that,’ Mr. Riopelle said. ‘The truth is, quite honestly, it’s all more exciting and it creates all the more press.’

“As a result, he concluded, ‘They’re more likely to charge a prominent person for a piddly crime than they are an ordinary Joe.’”

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