Purported Organized Crime and Consumer Fraud

Purported Organized Crime and Consumer Fraud

Maurice Sercarz was quoted in the New York Times and a series of articles in the Village Voice by Tom Robbins in connection with Mr. Sercarz’s representation of the lead defendant in a multi-defendant case in which the government alleged that purported members of the Gambino Crime Family bilked consumers of hundreds of millions dollars in scams involving pornographic internet websites and 1-900 telephone services.

Mob is Accused of Bilking Consumers of $200 Million
By William K. Rashbaum

“Maurice H. Sercarz, said yesterday that he had not yet seen the indictment because his client will not be arraigned until next week. ‘From what we know, this is a patchwork of old allegations, none of which are true, and we look forward to an early trial date and quick exoneration …,’ he said.”

John Gotti’s Crew Makes a High-Tech Killing
Cyber-Age Goodfellas

By Tom Robbins
Published February 18-24, 2004

“’The only cramming going on in this case is that the government has taken two civil investigations in disparate industries and they are cramming this case into the structure of an organized crime indictment,’ said Maurice Sercarz.”

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