Political Corruption

Political Corruption

Roland Riopelle represented a defendant in the 2004 trial of former New York State Labor Commissioner James McGowan in which Mr. Riopelle defended against the government’s allegations of political power playing, mail fraud, conspiracy, and bribery. Mr. Riopelle’s opening statement in which he “assailed” a cooperating witness was quoted in the Journal News.

Fraud Trial Begins

By Timothy O’Conner
Published April 22, 2004

“Segreti’s lawyer, Roland Riopelle, assailed Harnisch during opening arguments, saying he had cut a deal with the government to save himself. Harnisch, he said has a history of getting caught committing crime and then bailing himself out by point fingers at others.

“’Mr. Harnisch is a career criminal hiding behind the protection of a law license and a deal with the government,’ he said.”

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